The Oakland County Child Killer – Mystery Mondays EP. 7

On this episode of Mystery Mondays, WHJE’s Rianna Miller will talk about the horrifying cases of the Oakland County Child Killer. Many books and documentaries are based on this case.


2 Comments on “The Oakland County Child Killer – Mystery Mondays EP. 7”

  1. I love the creativity that Rianna brings to the podcast. Her ability to bring the audience close to the story and really make it seem that you are in the mystery. Her strong use of transitions along with fades in and out of her and audio clips she used from the case made it clear and simple for me to stay on track of what is going on.

  2. I like the choice of music at the beginning, really sets an ominous, but still childlike, tone. I love your intro of different news broadcasts that feel stitched together. You do a really good job of balancing out interviews and narration. I also like how your writing presents a very objective, but still personal image of the scenes. You don’t go into gruesome detail or pity the victims, but simply tell the story as it happened. I love how you lead us to a potential solution and then immediately revealed that it was a cold case, like slowly leading us up a mountain and then dropping us at the edge of the cliff.

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