Sally – Oh the Horror Ep. 1

Welcome to Oh the Horror, a new podcast featuring horrifying dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Produced by Katie Piedra, these stories will have you frightened and wanting more. This episode: a grandma, a doll, and a household. Stay tuned.

9 Comments on “Sally – Oh the Horror Ep. 1”

  1. I literally had chills listening to this. The sound effects were great and it was a really good idea to use echoing voices to represent the things in Lauren’s mind. One thing that could be different is that when the dad is talking and Lauren would respond with a head nod or a shake, add some space between the question and response so the audience can feel like Lauren or whomever responded.

  2. I think the plot was well done and interesting, but I thought the voice acting could’ve been better and used more emotion.

  3. Good story line, with good sound effects. Some sound effects could be more realistic. Scene where grandmother dies could be a little more expressive. Good job.

  4. I think it was cool and very well made, but I would use more scary music and more than just one other person in your recording. I think it wound be more scary if I listened to it at night.

  5. Great job to everybody involved! This was a very well produced, great sounding, and immersive story that had a very interesting plot. Some feedback I would offer to better help your series is that you may want to focus on more of the characters than the sound effects. Don’t get me wrong, the sounds were very, very good, I just believe that there was maybe too much of it. In one instance, I believe it was some time in the middle of the podcast, I heard nothing but footsteps and various other sound effects going on. If you were able to have the same quality for your sound effects, have a good, intriguing, scary plot, and relatable characters, this podcast would be perfect! Once again, great job!

  6. Honestly, the podcast “Sally- Oh The Horror” had some ups and down. Despite its use of cliches like the creepy doll cliche and the dad that’s dimsissive of his daughter’s fear cliche, it still honest startled me, and it would’ve scared me if i had listened to it at 11:00 pm. I still have one question: who dies? the doll or the daughter?

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