When a Stranger Calls

This is a longer version of the horror short story “When a Stranger Calls”. It is about a young boy who is babysitting for some friends, when an unknown man begins calling and speaking to him about things that a stranger should never know. The more the night plays out, the more creepy things get.

5 Comments on “When a Stranger Calls”

  1. The sound effects are pretty good but the story was creepy. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The story line was very good. It was the perfect mix of scary and normal and it got scary and just the right times.

  2. This is my favorite story by far. Story was very creepy with a good sound effects. This story was a mix of scary and like a regular conversation almost. I really like this.

  3. The use of sound effects really made the story come alive. I really felt that I was experiencing this. The sounds were very well balanced. At first you get the feeling that it’s just another show, but then it gets really creepy, in a good way. Overall I totally think that the sound effects made the story. It was awesome.

  4. I loved this so much! The voice of the guy who was calling was extremely creepy and I think the idea for this was perfect as a radio piece. The sound effects were great, and the story was really enticing.

  5. Let me tell you, I should of not listened to this at night, haha! Wow, your ability to tell a story is just amazing, the quality of the production is just amazing. The story itself is incredible, spooky, yet I want more? Haha, great job! Truly a great segment.

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