Blog Post #91 – IBS Award Finalists


Casey Alderman, Blog Manager

On April 19th, the IBS High School Awards finalists were released! The winners will officially be announced on Friday, May 6th via a pre-recorded video presentation. The finalists from WHJE are listed below. Congratulations to all of our finalists!

Best On-Air Personality: Rylie Goyke
⁃Best Specialty Music Show: Karl Templeton & Riley Dugan
⁃Best Live Music Broadcast: Gabe Perrin
⁃Best Talk Program: Kellie Varanka & Gabe Perrin
⁃Most Creative/Innovative Show: Sam Hawkins & Evan Sanders respectively
⁃Best Specialty Show (Non-Music): Caroline Houck & Hali Papacharalambous
⁃Best Celebrity or Artist/Band Interview: Zach Browning
⁃Best Radio Drama: Lars Medlin
⁃Best Documentary: Emmy Brown
⁃Best Morning Show: Gabe Perrin
⁃Best Comedy Program: Evan Sanders
⁃Best On-Air Pledge Drive: Sean Grove
⁃Best Logo: Evan Sanders & Riley Dugan
⁃Best Show Promotional Poster: Katia Gonzalez and In Her Zone respectively
-Best Sports Talk Program: Caroline Houck & Hali Papacharalambous
⁃Best Giveaway: Kellie Varanka & Gabe Perrin
⁃Best Newscast: Evan Sanders
⁃Best News Feature Story: Allie Wolf/Bethany Ducat & Sean Grove respectively
⁃Best Campus/Community News: Joe Cronin
⁃Best Political News: Bethany Ducat/Allie Wolf & Sean Grove respectively
⁃Best Spot News Interview: Caroline Houck
⁃Best Promo Series: Charlie Pickett
⁃Best Station Promo: Charlie Pickett and Jack Muniz respectively
⁃Best Show Promo: Walker Lansbury and Evan Sanders respectively
⁃Best Event Promo: Jack Muniz
⁃Best PSA: Jacob Bailey
⁃Best Use of Sound Effects: Emmy Brown
⁃Best Liner/Sweeper: Casey Alderman
⁃Best Underwriting Spot: Gabe Perrin & Kellie Varanka
⁃Best Sports Play by Play Football: Gabe Perrin
⁃Best Sports Play By Play Men’s Basketball: Zach Browning
⁃Best Sport Play By Play Women’s Basketball: Gabe Perrin
⁃Best Sports Play By Play Baseball/Softball: Zach Browning and Sean Grove respective
⁃Best Sports Play By Play: Zach Browning
⁃Best Sports Update: Sean Grove
⁃Best Sports Interview: Caroline Houck
⁃Best Sports Pre/Post Game: Joe Cronin & Charlie Huiras
⁃Best Website: Sarah Bushue
Best Station Blog: Casey Alderman
⁃Best Podcast: Bri Guntz
⁃Best Use of Social Media: Caroline Houck & Carley Field
⁃Best Use of Video in Radio: Kendall Frobig
⁃Best High School Radio Station: WHJE