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The Voice of the Carmel Greyhounds

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The Voice of the Carmel Greyhounds

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Chloe in Brazil – April Update


April was a busy month, at least sometimes. For the most part I stayed in my city, going to school and going home. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything cool!

The first weekend of April I went to the city Lagoa Santa and I was lucky enough to see some of my good exchange student friends! We explored a cave which was really cool and learned a traditional dance called Quadrilha, which is performed during Festa Junina. 

The following week I attended the biggest party yet! It was called 100 Melhores (100 Best), and it showcased all the amazing businesses in the city. Wonderfully decorated and catered by one of my host moms, and hosted by my other host mom’s newspaper! It was a long night of good food, okay music, and wonderful people. 

Monday, April 29th was the anniversary of my city here. Which means I got days off from school which is always fun! It’s also cool getting to experience the 60th birthday of the city, and learn more about the history of it!

Although that is about it for the excitement of April. It’s hard to write these and try to glamorize school, since it’s school and everyone knows what that is like.

However May will be one of the coolest months ever, so make sure to check back for Chloe in Brazil: Amazon Edition!

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About the Contributor
Chloe Spencer

Olá from Brazil! I’m Chloe and this my third year as a part of WHJE. I’m a junior who’s currently studying abroad in Brazil!  Luckily, I’m still able be apart of WHJE!

I am very excited to keep you all up to date on the amazing adventures and opportunities I have in Brazil. When I’m not keeping you all up to date, I’m often found exploring Brazil, writing, living, laughing, and loving.

Muito Amo, Chloe 

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