Fracturing Football Show 1- Skittles, Backups, and Colin Kaepernick

For the first time Fracturing Football is now a fantasy football show! Noah Lichtenberg is the host along with Jack Edwards as the co-host. Guests Max Hurwitz and Matt Hustel join us as we discuss injuries to players, unexpected players, Marshawn Lynch a.k.a. Beast Mode and even Colin Kaepernick. Fracturing Football will now be a show every other Tuesday from 10:30-11:00 with the next one being Tuesday, November 7th.


1 Comments on “Fracturing Football Show 1- Skittles, Backups, and Colin Kaepernick”

  1. This story is very informational. They talk about their fantasy team and relate their fantasy team using straight facts. They have differing opinion which makes it very interesting to hear what they all have to say. The sometimes go off and rant a little to much about one topic and the flow between stories could be better. However overall this was a very good story.

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