Blog Post #11- Girls Volleyball Senior Night

Carmel Girls Volleyball


Katelyn Conley

On Tuesday, September 15th, the Carmel Girls Volleyball team had Senior night! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview varsity player and senior, Jaci Scherb, about the night. Jaci is a four year member of the team as her current position is a DS. Scherb stated that for her individual season has been really fun as she has had one of the major roles of leadership this year. For the team, as they have experienced a few bumps in the road, Scherb said that it is all about building team chemistry and getting better everyday. Even with Covid-19 restrictions (which include: not giving high fives, trying to maintain a safe distance from each other, and masks), the team is still able to make the most out of everyday! For Senior night, the Hounds faced a strong Lawrence North team, and were able to get the victory within three sets! Scherb mentioned that they went through a special announcement ceremony prior to the game that consisted of being escorted by their families, an announcement of what their potential future will look like, and flowers and Senior gifts that were presented to both teams. In the conclusion of the interview, Scherb emphasized that she is super excited for the upcoming sectionals, as they have a chance of going further than they have in years prior! 

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