Blog Post #22- Recap Carmel v. Pike (Sectionals Edition)


Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

On Friday, October 30th, the Carmel Greyhounds faced off against the Pike Red Devils in a very thrilling Sectional game! It was a win or go home situation and it turned out to be a very exciting game! During the regular season, the Greyhounds went into a double overtime with the Red Devils, just winning the game at the very end! It was the Greyhounds and the Red Devils, and here is your recap of the exciting game!

The game began with the Hounds getting the ball first! After getting down the field, Luke Conley was able to pound it into the end zone for his first rushing touchdown of the year! The Hounds led the Red Devils 7-0 with 6 minutes to go in the first quarter! After a failed attempt of scoring by the Red Devils, the first quarter came to a close! The Hounds were leading the Red Devils by a score of 7-0! However, after a very quiet second quarter, it wasn’t until there was under a minute to go that Zach Osborne made a QB scramble for 29 yards into the endzone! The Hounds went into the locker room leading the Red Devils by a score of 14-0!

As the second half of the game began, the Hounds did not let up on the Red Devils. It began with Spencer Hanna nailing a 38 yard field goal extending the Carmel lead to 17-0! However, the Red Devils were not out of the contest just yet, Lamar Echols hauled in the 12 yard touchdown pass! As the third quarter came to a close, the Hounds were still on top of the Red Devils with a score of 17-7. 

With the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Hounds had an answer to the Red Devils previous touchdown. Zach Osborne was able to find Zach White out of the backfield for a 28 yard touchdown! The score was now 24-7 in favor of the Greyhounds. But, the Pike Red Devils were not ready to give up just yet. Abdur-Raheem was able to connect to Cam Green from 10 yards out for a Red Devil touchdown! The score was 24-14 with 9 minutes to go in the fourth! Nevertheless, the Hounds were still rolling. Zach Osborne traveled the distance as he went 75 yards into the endzone! Shaving only 30 seconds off the clock, Osborne gave the Hounds an even bigger lead! After a three and out, the Hounds were able to get the ball right back! Marching down the field, Osborne was able to connect to Ethan Hall, as he pounds it into the endzone from 7 yards out! The score was now 38-14 in favor of the Hounds with 6 minutes to go! In hopes of catching up, the Red Devils were able to march down the field and score, additionally pulling off a 2 point conversion! However, this would not be enough to hold off the Hounds! The final score would be 38-22!

Photo Credit to Nick Beckman!