Blog Post #37 – Riley Friday!


Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

Happy Friday! The month of February seems to be flying by as we are closing out our second week of Rileython! On this edition of Riley Friday, we are highlighting WHJE’s own Allie Wolf! Wolf is a sophomore here at Carmel and is not only a fantastic staff member at the station, but is also a member of Cabinet! I had the privilege of getting to interview Wolf about what Dance Marathon and Rileython mean to her!

“Dance Marathon means so much to me! It’s the best day of the year and it is such an amazing thing to be part of. It feels great to know that what you are doing is really helping to change people’s lives for the better!” Wolf mentioned that Rileython is a great idea because it provides a fantastic opportunity for people to donate who usually wouldn’t otherwise participate in Dance Marathon. Wolf continued to talk about why people should tune in; “People should tune into Rileython because it will be fun! We’ll have a variety of live shows and interviews with Riley kids and their families; they will be interesting and fun to listen to and it will be supporting an amazing cause. Be sure to tune in on February 27!”

Finally, I asked Wolf what was her why? Why does she get involved? Why do you do what you do? Wolf commented, “My why is my neighbor, Jenna. 7 years ago, Jenna was at Riley for several months fighting a very scary and rare disease. This was a scary time for her family and everyone who knew them. Jenna is much better now thanks to the doctors, nurses and everyone else at Riley and I know that her family is forever grateful for Jenna’s recovery. I wish that no one would have to spend time at a hospital, but I know that the work I am doing is helping to make those stays a little more bearable and hopefully finding cures for the reasons they are there.” 

Make sure you tune in to 91.3 WHJE or on February 27th, starting at 8 a.m.! Don’t forget that you can donate all month long under the Rileython tab on our website!