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Breaking Point Week 79: Diet Coke and Alligators

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Breaking Point Week 79: Diet Coke and Alligators

Week 79 of the breaking point and we are back at it learning about some of the strangest things on this Earth. Diet Coke apparently makes you live forever and Alligators are still the scariest animal on this planet. If you want to hear more whacky stories like these, tune in to the Breaking Point every Thursday morning from 6:00-7:30 and follow us on Twitter at BPRadioShow and Instagram at BreakingPoint.whje


Reason 5 million why Ethan Doesn’t Like Alligators

104 year old lady credits diet coke to her long life


  • Very funny show this week. Ethan was a little pitchy at times, but overall good. Stories were widely chosen. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Great job!

  • The host have a really nice amount of enthusiasm. It really draws you into what they are talking about. They seem to get off topic a little bit though. One of the host voice seems to sound a little bit weird like he’s a little to close to the microphone. Also there was a weird break where they said welcome back like it cut off there sentence.

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