Congrats Grad – An Inside Perspective Episode 05

This episode of an Inside Perspective illustrates the lives of seniors as they prepare to make the leap into the next chapter of their lives. With graduation only weeks away, listen as they share their excitement, anxiety, and advice on leaving high school behind.


2 Comments on “Congrats Grad – An Inside Perspective Episode 05”

  1. The vocal performance of Alex was amazing! She seems very into what she is saying, very confident, great radio voice. I think it was a great ethical decision to talk about this topic on your show. Because so many senior students can relate to this topic. The way the script was written was very well done. It got so many perspectives on graduating high school and, the transition to college. The music beds and, the interviews all flowed together very nicely.  Well done & nice job!!

  2. All of the seniors and counselor in the selection were very insightful to take a look into the days leading up to graduation from high school. The process of explaining how seniors are feeling and how college is just around the corner was a surreal experience because it seems so far from now, but in reality it’s coming faster than you expect it to come. Having multiple seniors share their thoughts about their graduation coming up soon was a good way to get the listener to think more about the story and how it is going to apply to themselves. The seniors in this listening sounded very candid about their testimonials about graduating soon, how Carmel High School affected them, and how different both high school and college are going to be from each other.

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