Desert Island Disc Interview – Gabe Connell

On this episode of Desert Island Discs, I interview Gabe Connell the current owner of HotBox Pizza. Throughout the episode we discover what led to the eventual creation of this business and how music played a part in this. Additionally through the episode, I asked questions in order to dig deep and access answers to understand how the local restaurant was built from someone growing up in a divorced household. Explore this episode to learn more about Gabe Connell and the music that inspired him to make it to where he is today.

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  1. I really liked how you had questions that were very thought provoking and made the interview dive deeper into his life and his backstory. This creates a much more informational and not so surface level. It is really cool to get a up close look on someone who is prominent in the community for what they do, and see how they got to that point in their life. This is a great DID to do and it was executed great!

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