Fracturing Football Show 6- Season Finale

On the final edition of Fracturing Football, hosts Jack and Noah have WHJE fantasy football league winner Nathan Jacobs as well as Griffin Gonzalez to wrap up the season. We will discuss who had the most fantasy points this season as well as who was on the majority of winning teams. We will finish the show making our predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl (spoiler alert: Noah was the closest).



2 Comments on “Fracturing Football Show 6- Season Finale”

  1. This was produced well. Each person really knew what they were talking about with their knowledge of sports. I would try to make more episodes and work harder to gain a bigger viewer base. The content is great but it could run a bit smoother. Overall this was very well done.

  2. GReat overall production! Everyone knew what they where talking about and it was flowing well throughout! I would like to see many more episodes in the future and grow a bigger audience! BEcause who doesnt love FAntasy Football?

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