Holiday History EP. 1 Thanksgiving

Ever wondered how Thanksgiving came to be? It’s a lot more than just pilgrims and turkey. Holiday History: Thanksgiving dives into the real history behind this well-loved, family-filled day along with insight into the societal reasons for celebrating. But don’t worry – we didn’t forget about the food. Take a listen!

Holiday History is a podcast created by Kayla Gaerte for 91.3 WHJE, Carmel.


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  1. This I loved simply by when I saw the title. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday so I loved the fact that she analyzed this holiday. I also loved the use of Charlie Brown as well. I like how she also interacted with other people to analyze their point of view of the holiday. She also did a nice job of being able to blend all of the history of the holiday together from the past to now as well.

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