Interfaith – Coexist #3

In the final Episode of Coexist for Semester One, Reverend Jerry Zehr of the Carmel Christian Church discusses his views towards interfaith and harmony.  This podcast will discuss why interfaith is possible, and how it can be achieved.  Produced by Xavier Cocca.


4 Comments on “Interfaith – Coexist #3”

  1. Interesting story. I loved the source of the story. The music in the background really helps to slow down the pace and give it a deeper atmosphere. The announcer could’ve had a more active voice. In this story he wasn’t very loud or enthusiastic.

  2. This was honestly a really touching last story. I like the fact that the music is slow but also really uplifting at the same time. At times the the music bed made me wanna shed a tear. I also like the fact that it goes into depth about how everyone sometimes hates on the different religions we have, but it also sheds a light on how some are uneducated about the religions. This last story does a good job of wrapping everything up.

  3. This story was very interesting and engaged the listeners at heart. It was a good dotry with good sources. The music helps slow down the pace of the story. It gave it a deeper atmosphere. Although, the reporter could have had a better active voice. He needed to speak with more strength and confidence

  4. Very informative and interesting. The music bed fits perfectly with the energy of the podcast. The pronunciation of the announcer is good. Gives you more to know about Christianity than what you might assume. This story grabs your attention and holds it for the whole entire podcast. Announcer at the end is a bit harder to hear.

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