Paige’s Portrait – Pursuing Passion 2

Pursuing Passion is about student’s pursuing their passions in their own life. This episode is about Paige Fehn, who is an artist and senior at Carmel High School, chasing a challenging reality of making art for the rest of her life. Art has been her growing love, but how did this investment become a real career choice?


2 Comments on “Paige’s Portrait – Pursuing Passion 2”

  1. I thought it was so interesting to hear the coloring sounds throughout the episode. I thought the storytelling process was well done, they came at Paige from many different angles (her mom/friends). The music bed was a little soft, but I think it was supposed to be that way. When the main reporter would talk, it sounded a little scripted compared to Paige’s voice. The clips that the reporter collected were really good to complete the image.

  2. I liked how you went into feeling and the emotion of the art. I also really enjoyed the description of her artwork in the beginning and the background of the sound that a pencil makes when drawing on paper. I also thought this story was very well produced. The writing style was also very well done with the word descriptions in the beginning.

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