Silver in the City – Success #3

In this episode of Success, I interviewed Nick Rassi, the store manager of Silver in the City. Silver in the City is a gift shop in downtown Carmel. We discussed the success of the business, how the business started, and what Nick enjoys most about Silver in the City. More information about Silver in the City is available here:

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


1 Comments on “Silver in the City – Success #3”

  1. The overall story telling process was good, the producers made sure to start off with background so that the listener knew what was going on. The only downfall I think would be the fact that the person being interviewed sounds more immerse in the interview than the girl interviewing her. The fact that the interviewer doesn’t sound very interested takes away from the overall listening experience. Ethically this was very good. The questions were interesting, but also very appropriate.

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