The Secret of the Sauce

Recently there has been a lot of controversy over McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce and even riots about the short supply. In this piece I dive deeper to find why this is and why so many people are lost in the sauce.


2 Comments on “The Secret of the Sauce”

  1. The piece is very funny and creative. The music incorporated lays a nice tone and gets you interested. The narrator could use a more active voice, and use more variation. The pace feels a bit rushed and felt like the narrator could’ve talked at a more even pace. The piece overall is very interesting and introduces a new and interesting topic.

  2. Nice intro. Good job giving a background on the reason for the attention. The story is kinda plain, the excerpt from the McDonald’s was interesting. The sound bed at the beginning was good, but I would have enjoyed more than just your voice(s) for the remainder of the show.

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