Underage Drinking

Underage drinking can have a lots of consequences, including health effects and criminal charges. This in-depth report will go into detail about how alcohol can affect the mind of those who aren’t of legal age, and some of the charges one would face if caught underage drinking.

2 Comments on “Underage Drinking”

  1. This broadcast is made me understand even more the effect of alcohol and the things it can do to your life. I like the different facts that were given to support the theme that alcohol will ruin your life. It explains why this is an important subject and why it needs to addressed. I like the hook at the beginning because it makes you interested in what they are going to say.

  2. Contextually, having a piece like this on a high school radio station is pretty interesting. Teaching and informing students of the health risks and consequences that come with consuming alcohol. An interview like this should be treated more as a PSA and less like just a regular piece. A topic like this is kind of not really discussed much among kids so having this outlet to shed light on it is a good idea.

    Technically, this interview is pretty high quality. Not many amateurish slip ups in pronunciation or anything like that. Overall, a good piece to the listeners and anyone else critiquing it.

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