Vaporwave – Soundsurfing Ep 1

Memes are everywhere in the world today. On our phones, advertisements for companies, and even occasionally in our teacher’s lectures, but many don’t notice that some of the music we listen to are memes. Vaporwave is the music genre is that was born as a meme and just doesn’t seem to die. Explore what Vaporwave is in this first episode of Soundsurfing.


3 Comments on “Vaporwave – Soundsurfing Ep 1”

  1. I really liked this episode and would love to hear more of it and different music sub-genres I may not have heard of.

  2. I liked your podcast. It was very interesting to learn about vapor wave. I think that the name of your podcast name is very fitting. It was very funny that vapor wave is the meme of music. You could have turned down the music a little bit. It overpowers your voice. Overall you had a very good podcast.

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