WHJE One Acts

Oh Pie Goodness

A sketch about the misadventures of Jeremy and Michael as they try to raise $500 for their school.


State Title Game

A sketch from the media booth as Zach and Jack call the 2016 State Title Game. There’s never been one quite like this though.


The Bathtub

A sketch from three roommates’ house as cleaning the bathtub becomes a much, much bigger deal.


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2 Comments on “WHJE One Acts”

  1. I like how it is a comedy skit, it is really funny to imagine this actually happening. I love the use of sound effects. The vocal performance was good; I didn’t notice anything bad about it. Overall I would love to listen to more comedy skits on 91.3.

  2. I thought this story was hilarious.The little creatures in the bathtub we so well scripted. The fact that they made this commercial have a purpose besides entertainment was great. However the end confused me on whether the purpose was life comes in many sizes or making sure to clean your bathtub so a race of tiny creatures don’t takeover the world. This story was overall very effective and grabbed my attention the whole way.

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