Angela Li – Music To My Ears #2

This is the second episode of my new podcast, Music To My Ears. In this episode, I
feature Angela Li. Angela is a Carmel High School freshman, and the concertmaster of the
Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout this episode, you will get to hear Angela playing a piece
that she has recently been working on. You will also hear Angela talk about how she became
interested in music and how music has impacted her life.

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


6 Comments on “Angela Li – Music To My Ears #2”

  1. It was really interesting to hear what other students and teachers had to say. There were a lot of comments made about how much she has improved during the year. This episode was very calming to listen to. It sounded smooth and flowed well. I liked how you could hear Angela playing in the background.

  2. I think she tried to create an emotional state to were the listeners would really be interested in the story. I like how she got the teacher to make a comment, which makes the story seem more logical to the listeners. Also that the broadcaster is making the listeners feel as if they were Angela or as if they were to experience what being like Angela would be. Saying how she’s in a lot of clubs and orchestras makes the story seem more interesting and emotional.

  3. This story is in all the requirement legally and ethnically. The storytelling process, I thought in the beginning was cool how they had those people say those words that would explain her. The writing style is really good by how they have the teachers comment on how Angela was progressing. I like how they had Angela just talk about music and how much she loved it. The sound design is very nice by having the music in the background that go with the topic because Angela is in orchestra. I do think that it was a little interesting how it kind of just went away and you could hear people in the background when one of the teachers was commenting. I like how they had so many bits of orchestra sound that helped add to the listeners experience when listening. I thought that all the people that were interviewed and the interviewee had good vocal performance. They were all very clear with their voice. Something that i thought was really unique is that all the music played was all done by Angela.

  4. It was really cool to hear what other students and teachers had to say about Angela. Its also really cool to hear about how Angela has improved over the years she has been playing. It was also interesting to hear that she plays guitar as well. I also liked Angela playing in the background.

  5. The decision to use all of the band directors and such was really powerful to drive the point home that she is a good performer. The story was well-organized as it went through Angela’s time through learning how to perform in the philharmonic group. The use of quotes about how she good of a player she is while she was playing the instrument in the background was a good choice because it had added effect. When the music faded in from the commentary on some transitions it was really cool and made me think the orchestra was right in front of me. The commentator spoke clearly which made for a clear speaking topic and made me understand the topic more.

  6. It was nice to see what others thought about Angela. It was also cool the background they gave about her. I liked how they had her playing in the background of the podcast. The transitions were good and it flowed really nicely. This podcast was good and it was very clear and easy to listen too.

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