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Angela Li – Music To My Ears #2

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Angela Li – Music To My Ears #2

This is the second episode of my new podcast, Music To My Ears. In this episode, I
feature Angela Li. Angela is a Carmel High School freshman, and the concertmaster of the
Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout this episode, you will get to hear Angela playing a piece
that she has recently been working on. You will also hear Angela talk about how she became
interested in music and how music has impacted her life.

Produced by: Anna Nelsen



  • It was really interesting to hear what other students and teachers had to say. There were a lot of comments made about how much she has improved during the year. This episode was very calming to listen to. It sounded smooth and flowed well. I liked how you could hear Angela playing in the background.

  • I think she tried to create an emotional state to were the listeners would really be interested in the story. I like how she got the teacher to make a comment, which makes the story seem more logical to the listeners. Also that the broadcaster is making the listeners feel as if they were Angela or as if they were to experience what being like Angela would be. Saying how she’s in a lot of clubs and orchestras makes the story seem more interesting and emotional.

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