Dance Marathon

Carmel Dance Marathon was held at Carmel High School on February 25th. Cabinet, one of the student government organizations hosted the event, and along with Carmel High School students, raised more than $400,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital. Matthew Gish from WHJE reports:


Photo Courtesy of Adie Yost

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  1. The storytelling was very good with actualities that were very important in the event actual speaking about what they thought. I also enjoyed the writing style keeping it short and simple, but yet very effective in showing the important points. With the sound design I liked how the story started and ended with sounds from the event. The vocal performance was well done sounding interested and not having any slurring.

  2. The storytelling was very good and they used actualities to show how others feel about dance marathon. The writing style was like a story of how dance marathon impacts others and those who attend. They told a story instead of just reading off a list which made it more entertaining to listen to.

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