Jalen Walker Interview

In this interview with Jalen Walker, we talk about him and his personal life as a whole. Some things including football, track and how his athletic life affects his life behind the scenes at school and home. Including his thoughts on college for sports being a successful dual sport athlete, to things on his father David Walker’s new coaching position with the Detroit Lions and his experience as a Carmel coach.

3 Comments on “Jalen Walker Interview”

  1. This is a very unique interview. The whole thing is very well scripted through and includes very exclusive content. It touches in a variety of aspects in Jalen’s life such as his sports and band successes as well of his personal life. The only critique I would have of this interview would be that it sounds kind of amateurish and both voices are pretty quiet. But other than that it was pretty well produced throughout.

  2. I enjoyed this interview because of how dynamic Jalen is. he’s a two-sport athlete and still has time to do something he enjoys like band. I’m very impressed with his achievements in track and football. Also, the interviewer asked very engaging and thoughtful questions that kept me listening throughout the interview.

  3. I enjoyed this interview because Jalen Walker as a dual-athlete player is a player I look up to as the same position I have in football. I respect all skills of Jalen and being the dynamic player that he is. Also, the interviewer was very engaging on getting right into the questions to make it simple. The interviewer made me as a listener to follow along easier.

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