Merciful Help Center

The Merciful Help Center is a safe place for any resident or homeless person in Hamilton County. Jayne Slaton is the director of the center, and she explains why this place is so valuable to the community. Also, a couple volunteers explain how this place has changed their own lives. The center provides assistance in all areas of life for those who need help.

2 Comments on “Merciful Help Center”

  1. The intro is very good. The summary it provides fits very well with the bed playing. The story is really interesting, and covers all of the information I would need to know about the H.E.L.P. Center. The newscaster has a very good, clear, interesting voice that keeps me listening to the story.

  2. She could use a better hook at the beginning, but I was still interested. The interviews are helpful in explaining the center’s goals and why they serve in the community. The Merciful Help Center seemed well represented and something people should be involved in.

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