Noise – Melomania #8

Think about the sounds you hear every day. The sound of the garbage truck as it speeds past your house. The sound of your refrigerator buzzing in the background. The sound of whatever new construction they’ve started down the block. We think of these sounds as noise, and as noise being completely separate from music, but it’s not that simple. Starting in the early 20th century, composers expanded our definition of music to include all sounds, not just the ones we typically think of when we think of music. Thinking about sound this way has a profound effect on how we perceive the world, and can make for a much more interesting aural environment.


2 Comments on “Noise – Melomania #8”

  1. This podcast is extraordinary. Its presentation is nearly professional, especially in terms of the radio production. The sound bed, effects, and clips are edited seamlessly together and eb and flow naturally with your voice. This reveals your high level of ability in production. Your voice, while naturally pleasing to listen to, has great projection and clarity. Finally, the content of this podcast is insightful, creative, enlightening, and has a very pleasing aesthetic.

  2. I am thoroughly impressed! This doesn’t even sound like it would come out of WHJE, or a school! The quality of the program and the production is just amazing. The idea of different noises around you is just a wonderful idea. I love the idea of this show and podcast. Excellent work!

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