PSA Topic: Chaucie’s Place

Chaucie’s Place is a safe place for those to go if they have been a victim of sexual abuse. They also help others understand what this abuse is and how to recognize it. Chaucie’s Place focuses on healing of people, and helps others learn how to comfort those who have been abused.

PSA Topic: Adoptions of Indiana

Adoptions of Indiana help people understand the adoption process and they help people to adopt children or help mom’s in need to put their child up for adoption. This organization will give a choice to make a difference in someone’s life or help a child’s life.

Breaking Point: Breaking Feud Bracket

Jackson and Ryan begin playing a brand new popular game called Breaking Feud. The fight for the breaking feud crown has begun. With Emily going up against DJ, and Sam going up against Brady. Find out who moves on and who gets left behind, only on The Breaking Point.