The New Kid


Being the new kid can be extremely difficult and I have had to do it multiple times. Due to my dad’s job we have moved to different states more than five times. People underestimate how much the new kid goes through. We have to adapt to a brand new environment, new people and a brand new schedule. I can promise you my story isn’t unlike other stories. This happens more than you think and the goal of this project is to spread the word so no one else feels the way I felt: Unwanted.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

This feature on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act details the controversial bill that has changed the atmosphere of business in Indiana since it’s writing. Many people in Indiana are very opinionated on this and are stating their position on the bill. Listen to two students from Carmel High School, a local Carmel business owner, and Carmel City Councilmen express their views.


Feminism is a word that has caused everything from extreme hate to thousands of women coming together in support. However people have struggled with coming up with a true definition for the word and this feature is intended to educate the listener on how real women truly feel about feminism. It points out the different perspectives on what the goals of modern day feminism is and why it is still an important topic even in modern day.