Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 3 Objective Morality

In an unfair world, we lean on our morals to guide us through the terrible the complex conflicts life throws at us. But, what happens when everyone’s morals are different? Is it possible for one moral guideline to reign true over another?
Fair warning: Our morals aren’t quite as reliable as we thought



Juliet’s Log EP. 3

Dear Dr. Stuart,

Sorry but I’m really tired tonight and I don’t know if I can make it through this letter. I just wanted to say sorry that this took so long for me to send to you, I just kinda forgot to actually send what I was doing to you.

-Juliet Wesssssssssss

( characters, and art created by Kiyah Wiesenauer )


The Case File EP. 3 The Portal to Hell

Back in 2011 Latoya Ammons purchased 3860 Carolina Street in Gary Indiana. The family
claimed that they began noticing paranormal activity, and along with that demonic possession.
Throughout the year they lived there, they had many stories and that is what you will hear today
in Pt.1 of The Portal to Hell.


Really Lacy Filmmaking EP. 3

For this episode of Really Lacy Filmmaking, Callahan Lacy goes over not just one but FIVE clichés in this Cluster of Clichés! He goes over everything from superheroes using glasses as a disguise to why it is always raining at funerals in movies. Hope you enjoy!


Elmore’s World: S2:E15 – Chuck Dietzen

On this episode of Elmore’s World, Chris sits down with Dr. Chuck Dietzen, a candidate for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. Chris and Chuck talk about Dr. Dietzen’s childhood, his education as a doctor, and his career as a medical advocate and doctor as well as his run for the United States House of Representatives.

Elmore’s World: S2:E14- Jesse Cooper

On this episode of Elmore’s World, Chris sits down with Jesse Cooper. Jesse is a teenage survivor of cancer who has dedicated herself to raising money to combat cancer. Currently, she is working alongside Dance Marathon to help raise money for Riley Children’s hospital in order to fight childhood cancer and fund more cancer research.