Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 1 Legacy

You know those deep thoughts that blow your mind? The kind of questions that scare you so bad you tuck them away for your mid-life crisis?

Welcome to Bite-Sized Existential Crisis: a whole podcast dedicated to answering those questions no one wants to ask.

In this episode, I tackle the questions made by Kansas’ song, “Dust in the Wind”:

Is the value of your life only measured by the legacy you leave behind?

What’s the point of doing anything if nothing leaves a lasting impact?

Fair warning: Gandhi’s legacy isn’t the only change he wanted to see in the world.


Fracturing Football Season 3, EP5- As the Reigning MVP goes down, Who Takes the Top Spot

Luke Donovan and Spencer Fleischer are joined By David Weiderhaft and Jace Dery, as they analyze the current MVP race and how different players could take the throne of NFL MVP.

History Buff EP. 1 The 38 Minute War

Title of podcast: History Buff

Title of Episode: Episode 1 – The 38 Minute War

Welcome to History Buff, a history podcast about stuff your teachers forget to mention, but Wikipedia tells me in the end. I’m your host Natalie Rondeau; today I’ll be discussing the shortest war in history. Get out your thinking caps and lets begin!


Premise to Podcast EP. 1 Chosen

On the first episode of Premise to Podcast, Madison Diehl will discuss the Novel Chosen with the author and Carmel student Kate Barthuly. Barthuly will talk about her struggles, hardships and favorite parts while writing her novel. Later on, a piece from Chosen will be performed into a short monologue portrayed by Madison Diehl to show the talent and hard-work that Barthuly has put into the intense novel.