Sonic Review- Bishop Briggs

In this episode of Sonic Review, WHJE’s Kate Fairman breaks down songs from indie pop singer and songwriter Bishop Briggs. The songs are listed below in order of appearance in this episode:

  1. Tempt My Trouble
  2. Wild Horses
  3. River
  4. Dead Man’s Arms
  5. White Flag


Radio Radar #22

A reunion of the 3 Radio Radar dudes, Ethan, John, and Seth, and just in time for one of Radio Radar’s last episodes, Episode 22. We bring to you another music and commentary packed episode, with plenty of humor and music to go around, whichever is your taste, you’ll find it in Radio Radar.


The music in this episode is as follows:

High Hopes by Linnea Dale & Of Norway

Giant by Anjali Ray

JFK Spoke About This by Seraphic Eyes

Midnight Romance by Jackson James Smith

Cold Blooded by Ellency

Have a great, music filled day, from Radio Radar.

An Open Letter to Myself

In this open letter produced by Katie Piedra, podcast creator and Bob and Tom Show website designer Chris Spangle walks you through his own story.

But that’s not it. In this open letter, there is passion. There are stories. There is self-love. There are lessons.

There is a life for you to reclaim. Chris explains how he conquered – and is still conquering – himself, and how you can overcome your own obstacles.


Animal Emergencies – FR411 #17

Animals, just like people, are in need of rescuing sometimes. And the Carmel Fire Department is there for them when necessary. In this final episode of First Responders 411, Tatum Prati brings back Captain Chad Hughes. Listen as he shares several stories about the animals he has rescued.


Produced by Tatum Prati

Carter Vet – Part II – FR411 #16

When anything bad happens to your pet, it feels like the end of the world. For example, when your dog eats chocolate, what are you supposed to do? How can you help? In this episode of First Responders 411, Tatum Prati brings you more from Carter Veterinary Medical Center. Listen as Dr. David Carter shares past experiences and explains some of the emergency procedures he has performed.


Produced by Tatum Prati

Authority – Psych #2

Have you ever wondered why people follow authority?

The second episode of Psych deals with authority; why people follow it, and how this affects us.

Specifically, how authority worked in the execution of the Holocaust, and how Stanley Milgram worked to identify this in his famous Milgram Experiment.

The second half of the podcast goes through the events in February at Carmel High School, after students were worried of a possible shooting threat. Produced by Kayla Wrobleski


NLJE- Predicting the NBA Playoffs

On this edition of NLJE, Predicting the NBA Playoffs, Jace Dery and Matt Hustel join hosts Noah Lichtenberg and Jack Edwards to discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs. The group will predict who they think will win and what each team needs to do to win in certain series like the Pacers versus Cavaliers. During this time, they will also touch on topics of discussion such as rookie of the year debate between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons.