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Parents – Finding Balance #2

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Parents – Finding Balance #2

Finding Balance while living at home with my parents can be difficult. Growing up, and gaining independence is really exciting- but it also comes with limitations. In this episode of Finding Balance, I share my experience on how I find balance with my parents. I also spotlight other high school students who have obtained freedom, and how they balance out their social life with their home life.

Produced by: Adie Yost


1 Comment

  • Adie’s voice was very interactive and conversational. It sounds like this topic is very personal to a lot of people including herself. I know I can relate to this topic myself. I think that this was a positive ethical choice to talk about a topic that most listeners can relate to. The transitions from the interviews to you speaking were very smooth. The layout of the script showed the parents point of freedom as a teenager to the teenager itself was great. Keep up the good work!

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