Police Explorers – FR411 #13

For anyone interested in law enforcement, the Carmel Police Department has a program for people ages 14 to 20. This program stresses the importance of integrity, discipline, motivation, and physical fitness. In this episode of First Responders 411, Tatum Prati gets you the inside scoop on the program and the people involved.

Police Explorers page: http://carmel.in.gov/department-services/police/community-resource-programs/police-explorers

Teen Academy page: http://carmel.in.gov/department-services/police/community-resource-programs/teen-academy

Produced by: Tatum Prati


4 Comments on “Police Explorers – FR411 #13”

  1. The music clashes a little weirdly with the theme of the video at least to me. The host has a nice voice but she sounds kind of bored. Or like she doesn’t want to be there. There could also be smoother transitions between the music and the interviews.

  2. i love the idea of this show! All of the research was spot on and you did such a great job explaining everything. The questions asked were on topic and very informational .Transitions were very smooth and flawless! overall the whole show was fantastic. keep it up

  3. The idea of the piece is great. The interviews with the police officers provided great insight on the program. The background music provided a great tone for the piece. The interviews with the students also provided a great insight on what it’s like to be in the program. The music does feel a bit out of place at times.

  4. The host could use a little more energy, and it would make the piece sound a lot better. The interviews provide good actualities that make it very interesting to listen to. The music is very suited for the pieces that it’s in, and it provides an interesting piece. The host, even though lacking energy has a conversational style that also makes a very nice to listen to. The overall show gave a great description of what the police explorers do, and made it sound interesting.

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