Side Stage: Sink In

Sit back and sink into your seat as you listen to this new and exciting episode of Side Stage. This episode features the rising pop punk band, Sink In, also formerly known as Wings to Save. Catch up on all the accomplishments this band has had in just the past couple of years and what to look forward to in the next couple.

Produced by: Jacey Wolff

2 Comments on “Side Stage: Sink In”

  1. I really liked how you related you sounded conversational. I also admired how you smoothly transitioned from song to song. I also thought it was neat how you met the band that you were describing! I thought that the story was very well produced.

  2. Overall the choices, topics, and songs were legally and ethically sound. I enjoyed the way that that a description of the band was created by not only their music but related music. I also liked how you wrote using your personal experiences and stayed candid. There were a couple of times when you tripped over words but you were very professional about it and just kept going. I felt like the idea of the episode was spaced out perfectly so that you kept interest up until the end.

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