Woody’s Library – Success #1

In this episode of Success, I talked to Kerry Besaw, bartender and manager of Woody’s Library Restaurant. Woody’s Library Restaurant is a business in the Arts and Design District of Carmel, Indiana. There is a lot of history behind it, so in this episode, I will inform you on the history of Woody’s, and how the business operates.

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


2 Comments on “Woody’s Library – Success #1”

  1. The sounds from the restaurant at the beginning gives the listener a very good idea of the feel of the restaurant and captures attention. The interview inside of the restaurant doesn’t have very good levels and the questions could have been better. The interview also could have been a little longer and provided more insight into the library and restaurant. The information about the origins of the restaurant was a good question to ask during the interview. The audio that wasn’t during the interview was very clear and easy to listen to.

  2. The vocal performance was nice, however in the bits she recorded in Woody’s the audio almost sounded hollow like she recorded in the main dining room without going somewhere better for an interview, but there was almost no background noise. The writing process was also really good, she equally distributed information in interviews although there wasn’t a lot of information she added in herself between the interview clip. The sound design was nice too, but there wasn’t really anything else added in besides the interview, there wasn’t really a bed until the very end and 5 seconds at the beginning. However that added a cool effect that made it seem a lot more personal and like you were there talking to the lady at the library/restaurant.

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