Blog Post #12- Local Celebrity Visits WHJE

Joey Mulinaro on Hype Talk!


If you know anything about sports or funny videos on the internet, then you’ve probably heard of an account called Barstool Sports. On Thursday, September 24th, WHJE’s very own Robert Pugh and Alec Wrobleski had the pleasure of interviewing Joey Mulinaro. Mulinaro has been described as an “internet comedy sensation,” and is currently working for Barstool Sports. Mulinaro rose to fame as he first posted a video of himself impersonating Nick Saban, the head coach of The University of Alabama football team. That video currently has 1.7 million views. Mulinaro can be seen frequently on Barstool’s platform impersonating some of the top football coaches and players in the country, however his impersonation skills don’t cease there. More recently, he has posted a video of himself impersonating the infamous Kevin from the hit show, “The Office,” introducing some of the staff at Barstool Sports.

To hear more from Joey, you can listen to his podcast “Cup of Joe” found on Barstool’s website! Additionally, you can also listen to Robert and Alec’s show “Hype Talk,” to learn more about their interview that they did with Joey!

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