Blog Post #52 – The 91.3 Club!

Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

Want to be a part of an exclusive WHJE club? If you donate $91.30 or more to Radiothon (link on our website to GoFan!), then you will receive the following and will be automatically entered into the club! If you choose to donate, you will receive an exclusive 91.3 Club sticker, your very own WHJE pen, your name recognized on our website and a wall here in the station, and finally your name, along with the other club members names, on a rotating live promo that will be frequently played on air! If you want to leave your legacy here at WHJE, make sure you donate $91.30 or more! Your donations are greatly appreciated! Make sure you tune in to Radiothon this Saturday, April 17th, and Sunday, April 18th! 

Click here to view the 91.3 Club Members!