December Staff Members and Manager of the Month


Congratulations to the 4 staff members and manager of the month for the month of December! These outstanding students put together great work this past month and worked very hard. Below are the students who are proudly representing WHJE:


B2 – Elysia Cappaert

B4 – Ava Beckman

G1 – Paulina Arana

G3 – Chloe Spencer

Manager – Bethany Ducat


Elysia Cappaert is a third year member who produces a very entertaining live show about video games. Ava Beckman is also a third year member and has been working hard on her live show, She’s History. Paulina Arana is a second year member and is currently working on many things around the station and can be heard live on air as well. Chloe Spencer is a second year member working on podcasts. The manager of the month, Bethany Ducat, who is the blog manager, can be heard during her live show, The Weekly Rundown. Overall, these students did a fantastic job this past month getting all their work in, being great students, and producing quality work for the station.