IBS Awards


Congratulations to all of the WHJE IBS Winners! Many WHJE Members attended the national broadcasting conference in New York City over the weekend and WHJE as a whole received Runner-Up Best High School Radio Station along with many other individual awards listed below!


Best Specialty Show

Maiza Munn & Cameron Geddes


Best Morning Show

Allie Wolf & Bethany Ducat


Best On Air Pledge Drive

Ally Davis


Best Newscast

Allie Wolf


Best News Promo

Jacob Fletcher


Best Promo Series

Tommy Fagan


Best Show Promo

Griffin Hall


Best Show Intro

Quin Strzynski 


Best Football PBP

Andrew Hillsman


Best Boys Basketball PBP

LJ Shrieve


Best Baseball PBP

Andrew Hillsman


Best Hockey PBP

Andrew Hillsman


Best Pre/Post Game Show

Andrew Hillsman, Cooper Inskeep & Will Simmonds


Best Show Poster

Ava Beckman, Kate Belanger & Cameron Geddes


Best Student Manager

Sophie Cassidy 


Best Music Manager

Kevin Medlin


Best Radio Engineering Student

Deaglan Anderson 


Best Station Blog

Bethany Ducat


Best Website

Andrew Hillsman